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Vacant Land Photography

If you are new to the world of vacant land real estate, it may come as a surprise when the pavement ends, the street signs disappear, and the cell service is gone. Photographing vacant land in the Rocky Mountains is not for the faint of heart, that is for certain. One of the best memories from our first year in business was trying to find a 5 acre parcel in a remote section of Hartsel mid-winter. Most photographers would have given up when they saw the unplowed roads, but not us!

Vacant land requires a special eye since the most important thing being marketed is potential. Finding the right views, knowing how to locate lot lines, and understanding the landscape is essential. You've also got to be prepared for wildlife​, cattle, bison, and the occasional unhappy neighbor who isn't accustomed to visitors.

At Skyline Photography Inc, we absolutely love an adventure that takes us off grid to new places! We know what it takes to get to those undeveloped properties with only GPS coordinates. We've snowshoed to lots, hiked up mountains for views, and event off road trails to get to remote vacant land.

We not only work in the mountains, we live here full time. We love the challenges mountain life presents us! We know which areas are going to be difficult to access during winter. We are prepared for the bumpy roads, even the non-existent roads that someone planned for, but never got around to building. We check the weather constantly and make sure to plan our trips out in advance.

If you are a realtor or owner looking to sell vacant land, let's talk about how our services can help get your listing noticed!

Vacant Land Services

HDR Photography

10 - 20 Ground Photos


Drone Photography

10+ Aerial HDR Photos Including Lot Lines


Drone Videography

Up To 1 Minute Aerial Video with Music


3D Aerial Mapping Starting at

3D Aerial Mapping using Drone Deploy

Price is per each 3 acre mapping area.


Photo Slide Show (Add On)

Up to 50 HDR Images in a Video format


Sunrise/Sunset Shoot (Add On)

Get the best lighting of the day!


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