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Photography & Videography Packages for Vacant Land

Skyline Photography Inc offers a wide range of services to help market your rental or MLS listing. Not every property will need the same marketing which is why all our services are offered a la carte. 

A 10% bundle discount is applied if you choose 2 or more services. 

Below are our service prices for Vacant Lots up to 20 acres.*

If your parcel is larger than 20 acres, please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

HDR Photography

10 - 20 Ground Photos


Drone Photography

10+ Aerial HDR Photos Including Lot Lines


Drone Videography

Up To 1 Minute Aerial Video with Music


3D Aerial Mapping Starting at

3D Aerial Mapping using Drone Deploy

Price is per each 3 acre mapping area.


Photo Slide Show (Add On)

Up to 50 HDR Images in a Video format


Sunrise/Sunset Shoot (Add On)

Get the best lighting of the day!


Ready to discuss your listing needs?

Drone Photography
Drone Photography
Drone Photography
Real Estate Photography
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