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The Fixer Upper

Take a quick glance at #realestatephotography related posts on social media. You will see incredible homes with spectacular sunsets. Vast green yards make you wonder about the water bill and perfectly curated interior decorating invites you to scroll endlessly into the world of high-end real estate.

What you don’t see is the fixer upper in need of six figure updates or the hoarder home that's only partially emptied. You don't see a picture of the room full of boxes or the half-finished basement full of potential. But we all know those exist based on a quick search of the active listings, so who takes the photos?

Often, it's a few phone photos and Google Maps screenshots for these listings. But surprisingly, we have been to a lot of these homes as hired professionals, particularly when the real estate market shifts from pro seller to pro buyer (we get it, don't worry). We understand why the less appealing photos don't make it to the social media grid from a branding perspective, but that doesn't negate the need to move the less attractive inventory on the real estate market

Sometimes that means taking pictures of messy rooms and half painted homes being sold "as is".

It's not uncommon for the agent or owner to apologize for the state of the home, but really, we aren't here to judge. The real world is messy, and timing isn't always perfect! We are here to help you highlight the best aspects of the listing, yes even that distant great aunt's hoarder home.

Mountain views from the lot? We've got something capture those!

Large property with potential? We've got something to capture the entire lot!

Old house with great bones? We've got something to capture those too!

There is value in quality imagery and video, regardless of what may need to be fixed or the price point of the home. Our job is to focus on the reasons why this listing is worth taking a closer look at as clients scroll. We aren't here to over sell services that won't help you sell properties. Each listing is different, so we try to get you the most bang for your buck based on the end goal.

Not every listing is going to be architectural digest worthy, and that's okay!

The Skyline Photography Inc Team

Park County, Colorado Early Winter Views

Park County, Colorado early winter views from a partially developed lot.

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