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For Sale By Owner

Selling your home without a listing agent doesn't mean you shouldn't get professional photos. Great marketing content can help bring potential buyers in from the comfort of their home through a variety of professional services such as photography, videography, and virtual tours.


Let's walk through a hypothetical situation to help you understand how investing in a photography session could help with your FSBO listing.


Let's say you want to sell your 2,000 square foot home for $400,000. A good listing agent would likely spend upwards of 5% of their commission on photography, depending on the features of the home and the current housing market. Keep in mind this is a rough estimate based on our experience, so let's run a few hypothetical numbers with a 2.5% commission rate.


This is our estimated final commission paid to the listing agent.


This is our estimated expense budget for photography, tours, and videos.


With this price point in mind, a custom package with Skyline Photography can be created with a variety of different content types. Below you can see three different package combinations for a home at 2,000 square feet which include our 10% bundle discount.

FSBO Packages.jpeg

By providing high quality photos, videos, or a virtual tour, a listing agent is more likely to move their inventory in a timely manner. Selling your home FSBO allows you to save on the commission, but you also take on the responsibility of marketing your home. Although everyone has a camera in their hands these days, not everyone understands how to take appealing photos of architecture. It takes practice to capture well balanced interior photos or flying a drone to the right spot for a great perspective.


Showcasing your home with professional photography can take your FSBO listing to the next level. You also get to keep the photos of your home as a memento (we get a little sappy over here at Skyline). Trust the professionals to capture the best your listing has to offer with beautiful photography and videography!


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