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Drone Photography

The appeal of living in the Colorado Rockies is something we at Skyline Photography understand as full time residents. The fresh mountain air and snowcapped peaks bring a sense of peace that draws people from all over the world!


Drone photography is a great way to diversify your marketing content on a listing. Showcasing all the reasons to buy or rent a property is important and mountain properties almost always have something beautiful to showcase from above.

Capturing those views from ground level on a property can be challenging, which is where drone photography comes into play. Ground photos often have a lot of amazing features, but sometimes you need to be above the trees to understand where the property is located.


Our drone photography services provide you with a variety of different perspectives. From close up to almost 400 feet above ground, we capture a 360 degree aerial view of the property. Our drones capture HDR photos from the air to provide a crisp picture of any property.

For larger properties, we add approximate lot lines to several of the higher images to help highlight which property potential clients are looking at in relation to the views. If there are other amenities nearby we try to highlight those in relation to the property.


Take to the skies with our aerial photography and wow potential clients! Check out the drone services we offer below.

Drone Services

Drone Photography

10+ Aerial HDR Photos Including Lot Lines


Photo Slide Show (Add On)

Up to 50 HDR Images in a Video format


Drone Videography

Up To 1 Minute Aerial Video with Music


Sunrise/Sunset Shoot (Add On)

Get the best lighting of the day!


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