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HDR Photography

Real Estate Photography is unique in that the subject is almost always an inanimate object with a variety of depth and color to capture. This is where high dynamic range photography, also referred to as HDR photography, comes into play. The process of taking an HDR photo may take a little longer on site, but the end result is totally worth it.


When looking at a photograph, there were a thousand ways to capture the same scene. This is why we call photography art, right? We enjoy the style of a specific photographer, not the camera that took the photo.


(Side note: Don't ever tell a photographer their camera takes great photos. It's the artist not the tool that makes a great photo!)

A great HDR photo will allow you to see the interior of the home as well as the views outside the windows at the right exposure for each. This is created when several images taken at different exposures to capture the lightest and the darkest tones in a scene. When we combine these photos together during the editing process, you get a beautiful image that really replicates the feeling of standing in the space.


Selling and renting real estate in the mountains requires a different level of detail to the surroundings than in the city. When houses site on acres of land with breathtaking views, why risk an overexposed interior photo that washes out the windows when you can create an HDR masterpiece?!

When Skyline Photography Inc is on location to take interior and exterior photos, we spend time making sure each room is documented for the listing. You never know which room will entice a buyer or a renter so we make sure to provide you with a variety of images to choose from. Our motto is it's always better to have more photos than not enough.


If there's a really dark room, we've got lights. If there's a strange shaped space, we've got several tripods and remote trigger options. If there's a view to be seen, we've got a variety of lenses to capture the right perspective. Check out the samples below from one of our recent HDR photo sessions!

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HDR Photography Pricing

Vacant Land

10 - 20 Ground HDR Photos


Homes up to 2,000 sq. ft.

20 - 30 Interior/Exterior HDR Photos


Homes up to 3,200 sq. ft.

30 - 40 Interior/Exterior HDR Photos



Homes up to 5,000 sq. ft.

40 - 50 Interior/Exterior Photos


Photo Slide Show (Add On)

Up to 50 HDR Images in a Video format


Sunrise/Sunset Shoot (Add On)

Get the best lighting of the day!


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