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5 Step Guide to 

Simple Home Staging

If you live a hectic life like we do, you are probably trying to figure out how to stage your home for photos in the most efficient way possible. Not everyone can afford professional staging and not everyone has time to clear out their home before listing it for sale or rent. Our five step guide will help you get ready for professional photography and help get packing started! 

Step 1: Check Light Fixtures

Make sure all of your lights have bulbs, preferably the same warmth throughout. This may seem silly, but it makes a world of difference in photography. Yes, the photographer will know how to shoot those tricky, dark spaces, but consistent lighting throughout the home makes a noticeable difference.

Step 2: Clean Mirrors & Windows

Photographers are going to come in and open every window possible, so making sure the blinds open is an easy step. If your home has views worth seeing (or window height dogs), it may be worth cleaning any noticeably dirty windows. Mirrors should also be wiped down to eliminate any dirty spots.

Step 3: Declutter

Go through each room and remove any extra items from the floors, tops of dressers, beds, chairs, etc. Make all beds and remove any hanging clothing from doors. Clean up shoes, coats, and toys from living spaces. Put away as many items on kitchen counters as possible. If you have to use a closet, that's okay!

Step 4: Keep Packing Boxes Together

Sometimes you can’t avoid the timing of photography and packing. If you are actively packing, try to keep boxes near the doors. This will allow us to slide them in and out to photograph the space. Alternatively, you can concentrate boxes to one space. Garages are a great spot to hide boxes since we will get an exterior photo of the doors regardless of what is inside!

Step 5: Take Down Large Family Photos

Remember, these photos will be on the internet. We suggest taking down large personal photos and memorabilia for your personal privacy. People are trying to buy the home, not photos of your family vacation to Hawaii!

The ultimate goal is to showcase the layout and space of your home as best as possible. Set aside a few hours dedicated to this process and it will be worth the effort. You will not only get started with packing, you get better listing photos!

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